The INTDS World conferences are organised biennially and they are hosted alternatively by research centres located worldwide. During these meetings we share experience and discuss the problems related to the target preparation.
    We trace our meetings to 1963 when the First Symposium on Research Materials for Nuclear Measurements, sponsored by the Central Bureau for Nuclear Measurements (CBNM, later IRMM – Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements and now JRC-Eu) took place in Belgium. The latest one, already 29th, was organised by FRIB, MSU and took place in East Lansing, Michigan, USA in October 2018. The target makers community was represented by ~55 participants from Research Centres of Europe, Asia, America, South Africa.
    The full list of meetings, including editors of the proceedings can be found in the Proceedings. Short notes about the earlier meetings (starting from 24th held at 2008) can be found here.

Guidelines for the conference host.

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We are sorry to announce that
30th World Conference of the INTDS
planned to be hosted by the Paul Scherrer Institut in Villigen, Switzerland
at 20.09. – 25.09.2020
is postponed till 2022.

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