Awards & Honours

The INTDS Award of Recognition is given to those INTDS members who have played an important role in the life of the Society and/or have realized several important developments of the target preparation technique.
A candidate for the award together with justification of the awarding may be presented to the Executive Boards, who takes the final decision, by each Society member. (The Guidelines for INTDS Awards can be found here.)

Awards of Recognition to the INTDS Members

When & where
Dan Riel SUNY, Stony Brook, USA 1982, Seattle
Edward Kobisk ORNL, USA 1983, Willowbrook
George Thomas ANL, Argonne, USA 1984, Antwerpen
Jan Van Audenhove
Joe Gallant
Katherine Glover
Judith Gursky
Arthur Peck
Don Ramsey (post humously)
Jack Stinson
CBNM, Geel, Belgium
CRNL, Canada
AERE, Harwell, UK
LANL, Los Alamos, USA
Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada
Stanford University, USA
Research Council, Ontario, Canada
1986, Chalk River
Harold Adair ORNL, USA 1990, Santa Fe
Albert Muggleton ANU, Canberra, Australia 1992, Padova
Frank Karasek ANL, Argonne, USA 1994, Bloomington
Jean Pauwels CBNM, Geel, Belgium 1996, Strasbourg
Helmut Folger GSI, Darmstadt, Germany 1998, Oak Ridge
Hermann Wirth MPI, Heidelberg,Germany 2000, Antwerpen
Joe Tracy
Hans-Joerg Maier
Pete Gobby
ORNL, Oak Ridge, USA
LMU, Garching, Germany
LANL, Los Alamos, USA
2002, Argonne
Joanna Heagney Micro Matter, Seattle, USA 2004, Gaithersburg
Peter Maier-Komor TUM, Garching, Germany 2006, Tsukuba
William Lozowski
Isao Sugai
IUCF, Bloomington, USA
KEK, Tsukuba, Japan
2010, Vancouver
Scott Aaron ORNL, Oak Ridge, USA 2012, Mainz
David Gilliam NIST, Gaithersburg, USA 2014, Tokyo
Anna Stolarz HIL, UW, Warsaw, Poland 2016, Cape Town
Roger Eykens
John Greene
John Stoner
JRC-EU, Geel, Belgium
ANL, Argonne, USA
ACF CO, Inc, Arizona, USA
2020, virtual

Hermann Wirth