Our library is giving you the access to the proceedings of early INTDS meetings printed as internal reports of the institutions hosting the meetings and distributed to the meetings participants only. In library you will find as well copies of the INTDS Newsletters.
The recent bibliography index is based on the first index created by Judith C. Gursky and Marjolie S. Peacock from Los Alamos National Laboratory in printed form [LA-UR 85-2097], then updated and converted into electronic version by Ch. Louvrier and P. Robouch from CBNM (Geel, Belgium) and distributed to the participants of the 16th INTDS meeting in 1992 on floppy disks (remember them??).

What a work !!!!   Many thanks to Judith and Marjolie, Piotr and Charles for their painstaking efforts!!!!   

Now, INTDS bibliography index accessible from our web site offers easy search for the articles using keywords, authors name, journals or papers title.


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