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The site is not only expanded but as well reorganised. Parts of the new version are accessible only to INTDS members.
Passwords necessary to access the protected areas should be provided to INTDS members by e-mail by end of April 2021.
If you are an INTDS member and you haven’t got the mail please first check your spam folder and if there is no mail from (wordpress@intds.org) contact the webmaster.






Biennial  Membership  Meeting
   Due to revocation of the conference planned for September 2020, the biennial INTDS Membership Meeting was held virtually on 25 March 2021. The event agenda can be found here.

2020 conference postponed,
    due to COVID-19 pandemic situation. For more details please visit ⇒ conf 2020/2022

Virtual Workshop by ORNL
   The workshop on Target simulations organized by SNS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory will take place April 6, 2021.
There is no fee but registration is needed to get access to workshop. The web site of the workshop is: https://conference.sns.gov/event/267/